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Hello, and welcome. This is my first post. 🥳

Back at university, I could never decide between coding and system administration. I loved both. While my major was in software engineering I always went back to administrations because I was fond of systems like Linux and VMS. The latter you may have not heard of since it’s a system developed back in the 70s but the security and reliability that VMS had (has) is what AWS is now known for.

There are a lot of similarities between VMS and AWS in philosophy; for example, VMS was written in multiple programming languages and it didn’t matter that one module was written in ADA the other in C, these modules could seamlessly work with each other. The developers had the possibility to choose the right language for the right purpose. For example ADA for the security layer. Just like in AWS. You can create an API where one method is written in Node.js while the other one in Python.

AWS is now the clear leader in cloud computing and is constantly innovating. You can have access to powerful tools and resources that you could never have dreamed of before. Like AI or Machine Learning.

The mentality behind AWS and how Jeff Bezos imagined the FlyWheel is what inspired me and made me decide to learn about AWS in the first place.

Jeff Bezos FlyWheel

We are living in a great time where you can have access to such powerful tools and resources without a small financial investment.

Come join me on my AWS cloud adventure.

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