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Best practices to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Beginning your cloud journey the first certification you will take is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. This is a fundamental exam that covers the basics of AWS whether you would like to move forward as an AWS Business Professional, AWS Technical Professional, or AWS Professional Services.

AWS has great training materials, that include online, webinars, and onsite training. Most of them are free. I have chosen the online pieces of training because you can learn at your own pace, but it’s up to you which one you prefer.


My Go-To resource for learning was the AWS Partner Learning Path:

Here you can select which learning path you would like to take. My suggestion is to not yet decide your path. Take all training that is fundamental. Start with AWS Business Professional and AWS Technical Professional. These are two fundamental courses the are very well made and where you will learn about all the important names and features of AWS. If you don’t understand everything doesn’t worry, the rest of the courses will explain the details later and then you will have a deeper knowledge of the services.

How to continue

Be sure to follow the path. The most well-made training is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. Also, this is the longest training in this path. Since this is the last training you could just take this course for the certification exam, but I don’t recommend it. If you follow the path most of what you hear in this training will be familiar and would be easier to understand and put in place.

You can also take small fundamental training like Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) but these would mainly help on one specific topic but wouldn’t give you a general understanding of how AWS works. I recommend you take this kind of training after you have completed your path.

Have a great time learning and good luck on the exam! 🤞

This was my learning path:

My tips:

  • Follow the AWS Partner Learning Path
  • Take both Business and Technical courses
  • Be sure to follow the links in the AWS Partner Learning Path because you could easily find a course with the same name at the intermediate level

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